Letter From Your Editor: May, She Treats Me Right

I experienced the real meaning of the saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” the other day as I walked through a part of Manhattan I hadn’t visited in two weeks and suddenly realized it was now home to green tree branches and blooming tulips (…as well as a homeless guy who kept trying to get me to make out with him…).

New York City is in bloom. And it’s fantastic. And will only last for about three more weeks and then summer will roll in and burn everything to a crisp and cause me to sweat so badly on the subways that I become concerned for my own health.

BUT. Before summer truly has us in her hot, hot choke hold, we are being blessed with May. Sweet, little, darling, beautiful May. It could be my favorite season. And not just because it signals the end of school and the beginning of constant barbecues and awesome hippie skirts. To me, May always represents rebirth. Nature’s ability to forgive and forget. Our ability to move on. Brighter things to come.

And the freaking beach.

What are your May plans, dear awesome readers? Graduating? Finishing up finals? Heading home for some much needed R and R before an internship / job / summer classes start? What exactly ARE you doing for a summer internship or job? Have any hot tips to pass our way?

Oh yeah, and also…what’s your favorite summer treat?

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