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Warner Brothers announced this week that they’re launching The website will be the premiere destination for free, streaming, WB content. This includes everything from old favorites like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, and Smallville to shows Warner Brother’s had their hand in like Friends and The OC. The website will also feature older programs (The Jetsons, Gilligan’s Island) and brand new WB content created especially for the online venture.
Why is this such big news? It gives some of these shows a brand new forum and a chance to garner new fans. I am a TV fanatic but I never caught wind of Veronica Mars or Everwood. Now, I, and millions of others will have the opportunity to do just that, and for free.
Initiatives like iTunes, Hulu (a website featuring free Universal and Fox television shows and films), and, not only gives these programs a second chance, but they’re changing the way we conceptualize and watch television.
TV is not something you ogle after dinner time anymore. You can watch it on your phone while you ride the bus to work, you can watch it on your laptop when you get to work or you can record your favorite shows and watch them whenever and however you want. It’s a fascinating shift to watch and websites like this are at the vanguard of this movement.
So be on the lookout for, not only to catch up on those old episodes of One Tree Hill, but to catch technological history in the making. And if nothing else, these old promos should get you excited.
Here’s hoping they bring back Jack and Jill.

I Love Animals From the Bottom of My Heart…AND I Eat Meat
I Love Animals From the Bottom of My Heart…AND I Eat Meat
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