WTF: Baggy, Skinny Jeans

Remember the old days when boys and a select group of ladies would buy over-sized jeans and then belt them up far below their waists? There was nothing like watching a boy waddle down the hall, trying with all his might to hold those damn pants up. Or the shot of his unattractive boxer shorts as he bent down to tie his loosely laced sneaker.

Ah. The good old days.

Just like the days of the Mix Tape and the VCR, baggy jeans and the sagging that came with them are over. Maybe people realized that sagging/exposing your undergarments was about as flattering as those girls with their thongs hanging out, or maybe people decided to reduce their Carbon Footprints by minimizing the amount of denim they wasted, but sometime in the last few years baggy jeans left the scene and super tight jeans made their debut.

Thank you, Pete Wentz.

Now everyone – from the super trendy to the super skater-y – is sporting the skinny jean. And I don’t need to explain to you that sagging skinny jeans is pretty much impossible. Not that I ever understood the purpose of sagging, anyway. But some people did…and thought it was necessary to bring it back, despite the obvious logistical complications.

When I shared these with my friend she simply replied, “Travis Barker will wear these.” I am pretty sure that sums it up quite nicely. These things are not only completely hideous, unflattering and totally uncomfortable-looking, but lack a purpose. What is the point?

Is there really something that wrong about simply wearing your pants at the waist or hips? Please advise.

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