ExSex: Decisions, Decisions…(Part II)

The Exsex was something that had been on my mind all week this week. To have great sex so easily and without any emotional cost or expectation on behalf of either person…it sounded like such a glamorous and hot way to bypass all of the bullsh*t I hate that normally has to take place on the path toward getting laid.
I eventually had to weigh the pros and cons.
The sex with Brian would be wonderful.
Brian is incredibly well-endowed (adding to the wonderfulness of it).
It would be easy. He would be leaving town the next morning.
He would be 45 miles away.
The weather got crappy.
The two of us having real privacy would be a gambling game.
And still, the biggest question lingered in my mind:
Would it really be sex without strings attached? This was the guy who proposed to me, who offered to buy me a house in any city I wanted…I was the first girl he had said “I love you” to in his adult life. And then I broke up with him during that drunk text message.
Would it really be as easy as I thought it would be?
Considering the doubt in my mind, on top of the distance and crappy weather…I ultimately decided against it.
I would have loved to have had sex last night, but I think I made the right choice.

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Why I Am (Mostly) Afraid of Male Strippers
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