Brits Construct 100ft Lego Tower, Indianians and North Carolinians Head to the Polls, (and More!)

And now for the news with Kandy Korrespondent:
All eyes are on North Carolina and Indiana as Democrats head to the polls today. The New York Times’ Adam Nagourney analyzed the three different scenarios that could possibly emerge out of today’s race. Briefly, here they are:
1. Clinton wins both states: This will demonstrate that her campaign has continued momentum and may serve to win some superdelegates over to her camp. It will also reflect the extent to which Obama has been hurt by the Rev. Wright debacle.
2. Obama wins both states: The death bell will ring for Clinton’s campaign. Najourney notes that several of her advisers have actually said that they will counsel her to quit at that point.
3. Spit decision: The Clinton campaign’s uphill battle to catch up with Obama’s delegate count will continue. After today’s election, only 217 delegates (excluding superdelegates of course) will be up for grabs. Najourey As democratic consultant Ron Klain states,

“The math still favors Senator Obama, no matter what happens Tuesday.”

Even though I’m so done with this whole Obama-Clinton endless fight, I’m hooked– I have to see it through to the end. For that reason, and because I have no life, I’ll be posting exit poll updates throughout the afternoon and evening–so stay tuned!
In Other News:
On Monday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake urged Congress to take all steps possible to prevent home foreclosures. He warned that if left unchecked, the alarming rise of foreclosures could have “substantial spillover effects on the housing market, the financial markets, and the broader economy”.
A congressional bill is in the works that, according to its authors, would help 2 million homeowners avoid foreclosure. The Bush administration opposes the measure on the ground that it exposes taxpayers to too much potential risk.
Last Tuesday, April 29th, President Bush placed the full blame for the current governmental inaction on the shoulders of Congress.
Angelinos (aka residents of Los Angeles, CA) are taking to the blogosphere to protest a new country ordinance restricting the area’s iconic taco trucks. Under the new ordinance, proprietors would have to relocate every hour or face fines and misdemeanor charges. This will harm the truck owners’ customer bases and also tear apart a gathering point for the neighborhood.
According to local officials, the change occurred at the demand of local residents, claiming the trucks were ‘eyesores’, and restaurants, who feel undermined by the generally lower prices of the taco trucks. For many, this is simply another illustration of the divide between the fashionable side of LA and the city’s dire poverty. In LA, like many cities, officials tend to cater to the former at the expense of the later.
As Jose Naranjo, an East LA taco truck proprietor since 1989, states, “We are hard workers and we pay taxes […] we are poor people feeding other poor people.” Check out the online petition at
And Now for Something Completely Different…
Visters to Legoland in UK over this past weekend have constructed what is believed to be the world’s tallest Lego tower—100ft high. In celebration of Lego’s 50th anniversary the park welcomed thousands of families to help construct small sections that were then hoisted into place by a crane. Park officials are still waiting for confirmation from the Guinness World Records judges.

That’s the news. See you tomorrow!

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