iGoogle and iLike

I hate to admit it, but I am an absolute internet junkie. Ever since we bought our first lovely P.C. when I was in fourth grade, my life has somehow revolved around using a mouse, keyboard and CPU to create everything from science projects to ezines to fantastically-written blog entries. And yes, I’m the friend who inevitably asks, “Can I use your laptop?” every single time I come over. I guess I’m sorta kinda addicted. (Hey, it’s better than cigarettes or booze!)
I thought that this addiction had led me to discover almost every little nugget of cool-ness the internet had to offer. I was officially convinced that I was pretty much the most tech-savvy girl on campus. However, until about a week ago, I was completely in the dark about one amazing aspect of the internet: the wonder that is iGoogle.
I know, I know, I sound like a hypocrite. A few months ago, I expressed my severe annoyance with Google. But discovering this crafty little tool made it almost impossible for me not to forgive the big ‘G’.
Basically, iGoogle is a homepage that combines and organizes everything you love about the internet and puts it all in one place (er, screen). As an avid GMail and Google Reader user, I appreciate the fact that iGoogle lets me see all my new messages and blog entries on the same screen. Genius! Not only that, but I have (so far) added “gadgets” like an eBay search, a Spanish translator, an online dictionary and the local weather all to my appropriately-dressed iGoogle. Yes, you can even decorate and personalize your page with an assortment of themes, or layouts, from the skyline of NYC to an Anne Geddes baby-angel. Basically, iGoogle makes it possible to put everything you use on a consistent basis right on your homepage. Mm. Instant gratification.
Give it a try at google.com/ig.

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