Landon Pigg is My New Favorite

I prefer to start off all of my conversations with porn references.
Especially when I’m talking to total strangers, or in this case Landon Pigg — who I wish wasn’t a total stranger to me, because I’m quite sure we’d get along famously, in the non-famousy way. However, from seeing two of his performances in the past couple weeks I’m fairly certain he’s going to be all sorts of “famous” very soon.
Magazine cover famous. AOL’s top ten hottest musicians famous. Rumoured to be dating some random Gossip Girl or Mary-Kate Olsen type famous. That kind of famous, though the latter would be tragic. He seems much too sane to make those types of bad decisions involving starlets or socialites.
But I digress. I know how your little minds work, where does the porn come in??
Before I introduced myself to him, Landon played an incredible show at The Living Room in New York City. Unlike many artists who have tweaked or auto-tuned so much of their albums they’re unable to echo the sounds we’re used to, Landon exceeded all expectation. Not only did his songs (the popular “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”) sound exactly like his record, they sounded better.
Not to mention that fact that he could have just stood on stage and chatted about random stories from life on the road and he still would have had the audience in the palm of his hand. From the looks of the table across from me I’m surprised bras weren’t thrown at high speed towards his face. Women (and men I’m sure) were in full swoon.
Landon’s lyrics are honest and relatable. He makes himself vulnerable on stage and has this whole elvin vibe, (ya know — like Lord of the Rings?  Yes I’m nerdy enough to think elves are hot) and impish grin that makes you want say, “Tell me more, tell me more!” (Wow. I have officially referenced Grease and LOTR in one paragraph, I am awesome)
At the end of Landon’s show and my emotional journey (if you haven’t heard “Great Companion”, it’s the perfect song to accompany a good cry in a glass of whiskey) I felt like I should let him know I was going to write about him on CollegeCandy, which had me mentioning that it is in fact, not a porn site. Though if it were, I’m sure I could still write an article on Landon and the porn industry, or porn itself. So Landon, as promised, here are your two paragraphs on you…and porn:
I would say Landon’s album could be the soundtrack for a porn, but that would be a lie. Unless of course it was a very romantic porno and let’s be honest, porn is anything but romantic. His music would lend itself much better to a soundtrack for a movie staring Reese Witherspoon, or a Grey’s Anatomy episode where Mcdreamy and neurotic Meredith fight the urge to jump eachother in an elevator. “Magnetism” would be song used in that scene.
Truthfully, Landon seems to have an understanding about women being objectified by entertainment and the unrealistic standards that are set. Which would include the world of porn, were women are perfectly blonde, perfectly large breasted, tanned, toned and for the most part, catering entirely to the desires of men. In the song “Dressed To Kill,” Landon speaks specifically about what women go through in order to get attention and approval to feel validated:

“I know I feed your desires / to wear red lipstick and be dressed for the kill /Yeah, I know I feed your desires cause now you’re murdering my soul / So you take off your glasses and highlight your lashes and it’s the beginning of a sad song / You lower your collar I start to notice and it’s the beginning of a sad sad song…”

Sad, sad song indeed.
If all men could think like Landon, maybe women would be allowed to feel a bit more comfortable in their own skin, rather than trying to fit into a certain mold of beauty. So maybe his tunes aren’t exactly sextastic porno rhythms. Maybe they’re beautiful representations of what love and the different dimensions of life is really all about, and that is just fine by me.

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