Rev. Al Sharpton and Sean Bell’s Fiance Lead NYC Protest, The Torch Touches Mt. Everest Apex (and More)

It’s news time with Kandy Korrespondent:

Yesterday in New York, the Rev. Al Sharpton and 189 others were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, when they blocked rush hour traffic to protest the acquittal of three officers in the shooting of Sean Bell. Shouting, “We are all Sean Bell”, demonstrators knelt in front of City Hall, blocking on of the streets leading to the Brooklyn Bridge.
In November 2006, twenty-three year old Sean Bell was shot over 50 times by undercover cops who say they thought he was going to be involved in a drive-by shooting. He died the night before his wedding day. His fiancée was one of those arrested in yesterday’s protest.

In Other News:

Despite barely beating Obama in Indiana and loosing in North Carolina by 14 points, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton remains defiantly determined to continue her candidacy. Yet it’s becoming clearer and clearer that her campaign is quickly headed into the ground.
On Wednesday, following the drama of Tuesday’s primary, democratic heavyweight George McGovern withdrew his support from Clinton in favor of Obama. Since the nomination now rests upon the super delegate count, such public withdrawals are very harmful to the Clinton camp.
The Clinton Campaign is also in serious financial trouble. Yesterday, it was revealed that since April 11th, Ms. Clinton has lent 6 million of her own money to the campaign.
The Torch reaches Everest: At 1:00 GMT on Wednesday, Chinese climbers reached the top of Mt. Everest carrying the Olympic flame. One of the mountaineers apparently stated, “We have lit this torch on the top of the world for harmony and peace.” For a further in depth analysis of the way the Chinese Olympics are “aiding” global harmony and peace, check out my previous posts.
The controversy surrounding the March 31st presidential election in Zimbabwe continues. As the two parties negotiate and quarrel over a possible run-off election, villagers who are opposed to Mugabe tell of intimidation, violence, and hunger. According to the BBC’s undercover correspondent as many as 1,500 opposition members have been driven into hiding.

On Wednesday evening, the state of Israel began celebrations to mark its 60th anniversary
. In events during the day, on Wednesday—which is actually Remembrance Day in honor of soldiers killed since the state’s founding– Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Isreal’s survival depends on its “willingness and ability” to defend itself, but that there was also a “willingness to compromise”.
And Now for Something Completely Different…
Radar detectors are sooo 20th century: Speeding drivers in southern China have shifted to machines designed to switch a license plate number every few seconds. According to traffic policemen in Yangjiang, over 50% of speeding cars caught on camera disguise their license plate in some way.
I looked it up on line but all I came up with was an electronic license plate blurring device on youtube. If anyone knows anything else about this please share!

That’s the News! Tune in tomorrow for the our Friday wrap-up.

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