Even McCain Knows You Don’t Mess with Fox News

It appears that Fox News doesn’t really wanna let folks know that their employees vote Republican (shocking, I know).
Word out on Political Spin-street: 24-year old Jennifer Locke, a Fox News assistant (insert: lackey), made the very partisan blunder when she covered the entertainment side of the Time 100 Gala a few nights ago.
Perhaps Locke was overcome when the dashing, youthful, and handsome (not) Sen. McCain passed her crew. She blurted out, “I voted for you in the primary. You’re going to win.” Witnesses say that McCain shot back: “You’re not supposed to reveal that.” Thinking that these words were an invitation to share more, Locke continued to discuss her political leanings and also informed McCain that her father had fought in the Vietnam war and is now a vet.
Locke was fired shortly thereafter. She had worked at Fox News for several years. Lord only knows how she managed to stay at the job that long.
Such “reckless” behavior will surely be rewarded, as Locke will most likely end up working for another news channel. (I bet CNN has already called her). Not only that, she’ll probably land a book deal (a memoir of course) that will detail this moment, dramatically highlighting (I know I can’t wait!) her short stint at Fox News. Coming to a Barnes and Noble that’ll soon be closed near you!

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