My Organization Odyssey: Part Two — Research

I’ve decided that to keep my budget under $100, I’m going to use internet resources and not buy all the books I really want to buy. Like this one. and this one.
But I digress. The first website I checked our was Flylady, which I’d heard a lot of good things about and at first glance seems frightening comprehensive. Seriously, there is so much on this site that I’m not really sure where to start. I find a ‘Beginner’s Babysteps” section and note that they mention something about sending you 15-20 emails a day. Yeah, I don’t think so.
I get the impression this website is more for people who need their hand held–That’s not me, but maybe it would work for you. Flylady does give me the idea of sectioning my house into “zones” and concentrating there. She does have some good tips, though. I would start in her site index and skip around.
Next I try organized home and it seems a lot more user friendly. It puts many of its tips into list form, which is good for me because I read “list” fluently. I also like it because it gives you tips not only to help you get organized in the first place, but to maintain your level of organization.
I was hesitant to look at Martha Stewart’s website; I’ve always kind of thought that her ideas were interesting, but not always especially practical or doable on a budget or my kindergartner’s level of organization skills. I can admit it, I was wrong.

Her section on organization was actually fairly awesome and it seems geared towards a more do-it-yourself approach, where you basically craft your organization materials like this cereal box organizer into existence. She also has a lot of pictures that give some great ideas and sections on how to organize room by room. Martha is a sneaky one, and obviously knows what a deep and abiding love I have for lists, because her site is full of em, like this one.
I liked Martha Stewart’s website so much that I decided to look up the website of another magazine, Real Simple. It’s not quite as user friendly as Martha’s, but it was still full of lists and great ideas about organizing and decorating. Being on a budget, a lot of the specific suggestions of things to buy and places to shop aren’t exactly feasible, (a $700 Ikea wardrobe? Again, I don’t think so.) but it’s still fairly exhaustive.
If you are undertaking a similar project and would rather buy one of the many awesome books on the subject out there, I recommend stopping by the budget books section in any chain bookstore. They almost always have cheap books on sale about decorating one’s house; sometimes about organization specifically, but most decorating books which, I think, can be just as helpful in giving one useful ideas.
And boy have I gotten some ideas. Next up, I’m going to go room by room and highlight my problem areas, and brainstorm (with the help of my lovely internet resources) some ways to put things in order.

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