Cities For The Real World To Consider…Other Than Brooklyn

The Real World is making its way to Brooklyn for its 21st season. In case you’re counting, this will be the third time the show has been in New York City. I know Brooklyn is its own distinct borough filled with unique charm, but when you take a subway or two right over to the previous Real World houses, it’s just too close. It’s time for the folks at MTV to branch out. Here are some suggestions for future destinations:


It was heavily rumored that the Real World was heading to this upper Mid-western urban center for its 19th season. Sydney may have provided the castmates with sunny beaches and hot dudes with accents, but Minneapolis is pretty cool too. There’s a fantastic art scene, friendly locals, giant university, funky bars and the town is surrounded by gorgeous lakes. Plus, the the weather isn’t so bad in the summer.

Washington D.C.

Nothing goes better with historic buildings, sketchy elected officials and government offices than 20-somethings with ‘roid rage and girls in hooker boots. D.C. is vibrant, has a ton of cute neighborhoods and lots of things to do. Plus, it’s the most walk-able city in the nation, perfect for coming home drunk. Can you picture Real World folks as congressional pages? Tour guides? The options are endless.

Atlanta, GA

They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing! Atlanta is rockin’ the southern charm, great food, and a handful of quality colleges. Plus it’s home to the epicenter of Southern rap, hell, most rap. It’s also boasts one of the best aquariums in the country. Stuck up young people cleaning out shark tanks? Yes please!

There are lots of other great places too. Have they considered Portland Oregon, Phoenix, Detroit?! The Brooklyn season of The Real World is probably going to be just fine, but I think it’s time for something new. There are too many untapped fun, charming, camera-friendly cities in this country and around the globe.

Where do you think the cameras should head next? Is your hometown aching for some drama? Sell your city in the comments!

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