Detroit Symphany Makes Robot’s Dream Come True, CA Grants Same-Sex Couples Right to Wed, (and more!)

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The California Supreme Court has overturned the state’s same-sex marriage ban by a vote of 3-4 stating that gay unions must be given the “respect and dignity of marriage” and that same-sex couples should be permitted to wed. Governor Schwartzenagger said on Thursday that he will respect the court’s ruling. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told reporters that he will gladly officiate at same-sex weddings.
This ruling is the first to apply arguments typically used with regards to the protection of gender and racial rights to the issue of same-sex marriage.

In Other News:

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted 149-141 against giving the Pentagon an additional $162.5 billion to keep fighting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq through mid-2009. Most significantly, 132 Republicans voted “present”– neither yes nor no. Such numbers are revelatory of the widening gap between the Bush administration and the rest of the GOP.
Earlier this week, Congress voted in favor of ordering the Bush administration to stop depositing oil in the national reserve for the remainder of this year. The Senate voted 97 to 1 while the House voted 385 to 25. No one denies the fact that this move is anything other than a quick fix to placate constituents. The US Energy Information Administration predicts that this move will only take at most 5 cents off the per gallon price.
In related news, according to a MasterCard Advisors report, American consumers have decreased their demand for gasoline by 1% so far this year.
As you may remember from Econ 101, gas is considered an inflexible good—meaning that demand will not fluctuate with rising prices. So for total American consumer demand to drop by 1% is totally in violation of this principle.
The death toll following the May 3rd cyclone in Myanmar is now 78,000 with 56,000 still missing. During the past week, several aid planes have been allowed to land in the country but for most members of the population, help remains far off. The military junta government insists on retaining control over distribution—a task for which they are ill prepared—the country only has five working helicopters. The government has also refused international offers to send in search-and-rescue teams and disaster responders.
And Now for Something Completely Different…
Robots take over yet another part of the music industry! A 4 ft 3in tall robot named Asimo conducted the Detroit Symphony this past week in their performance of “The Impossible Dream”. Asimo was built by Honda and designed to mimic the motions of the orchestra’s education director. According to the musicians what the robot lacked in communicability it made up in its fluidity and human-like conducting motions.

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