Gimmie More Mad Max: Brit and Mel, Together At Last

The crazy train that is Mel Gibson, Britney and her dad arrived in Costa Rica this morning to stay in Mel’s home for a mini-vacation.
Before I found out that Mel Gibson was indeed crazy, I would have been high-fiving Britney Spears in my head upon hearing this news. In fact, I might have still high-fived her in my head, but WTF, you’re bringing your dad with you?
Are these two friends? Like Hollywood kind of friends that are wink wink nudge nudge friends? Is this a publicity stunt?
Maybe they are going to do a project together. “Mad Max in the Britney Dome“? She can wear Tina Turner’s gear and sing “Gimme More” but this time she can do it with feeling.
As much as they seem to make an unlikely pair, I think that I like them spending time together. Lots of crazy plus lotsa crazy = a couple that isn’t so crazy. Once the crazy cups runneth over, there’s no where else to go but back down to normal, right?
Special thanks to ET for posting this important story with such urgency. They totally know what matters.

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