Wesleyan Students Give it Their All at Last Hurrah

Around this time of year, colleges all across the country have that famous last hurrah party. A school chum of mine actually just called and informed me that tonight is my alama matter’s big Courtyard Party — which is basically a night dedicated to getting wasted and grabbing people you haven’t talked to for four years and tearfully telling them how much you’re going to totally miss them.
If I remember correctly (and I drank a LOT of PBR that night, so I can’t be sure), my last hurrah party experience was dedicated to finding a cute hippie I had loved in vain for two years and attempting to tell him how much my heart overflowed whenever he was near.
He was even drunker than I was and so it didn’t work out. But man, did I give it my all.
As did the student body at Wesleyan University a few nights ago. According to a liveblog dedicated to a last hurrah party at the University, cops and dogs and riot gear were totally cramping students’ style as they attempted to party four years away.

“Dogs barking, megaphone order to disperse. Mace brandished. General Disarray. Continued bustle of people.
student quote “what better way to leave wesleyan? it’s a spectacle…”
crowd sings the fight song. go wes…?
beautiful yet menacing german shepards. chomping at the bit.

Dogs walking up and down the street. National anthems, paintball guns shot!!!!”

Besides the priceless bit about the “beautiful yet menacing” German Shepards (whoever that person is, I’m sure they got A+’s in ALL of their Creative Writing courses. Seriously. What fantastic juxtaposition), it seems like Wesleyan was experiancing your typical last hurrah party — loud drunk kids being belligerent, cops annoyed at loud drunk kids, periodic pepper spray…and lots of yelling about The Man and “Pigs!”
I mean, isn’t that what being in college is all about?
[…Have a last hurrah party story that beats the Liberal Arties at Wesleyan? Let us know!]

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