Hot Tip: Leggings Are NOT Pants!

So, I was in NYC the other day to drop my boyfriend off at LaGuardia. During the 20 minutes we sat in the departures area waiting for a friend to show up, I saw flocks of girls traipse through the airport wearing leggings—ONLY leggings—on their lower halves.
Hello? Is this some infuriating trend I’m missing because I don’t live in the hotspots of NYC?
Thankfully, since I don’t live there, I can provide those girls with a clue. Leggings are NOT pants! Okay?! They are like tights—meant to be worn under something. Something such as PANTS!
Wearing leggings as pants is like painting your legs hoochie black and then walking around. If you think you have amazing legs, then fine. Walk around in a miniskirt or a pair of skinny jeans. But for the love of all that is proper, do not treat leggings and pants interchangeably!
If you still don’t get it, here’s a simple cheat sheet.
Leggings with a minidress? Okay, as long as the minidress is conceivably long enough so that you could wear it with only underwear.
Leggings with a tunic? Not unless you’d go around wearing the tunic with a thong and no pants.
Leggings with a skirt or shorts? Completely fine.

Leggings with a shirt that’s regular-length or kind of long?
No! What the hell is wrong with wearing jeans, anyway?
Leggings as pants for a special exception that you think is really OK? NO! Get a grip! Do not wear leggings as a substitute for pants. You look like a fool.

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Save Money By Being Eco-Friendly!
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