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Leggings ARE Pants


boots1Can we just call it quits and say leggings are pants? Leggings are pants! LEGGINGS ARE PANTS!

Yes, leggings are very TIGHT pants, but, as long as they’re completely (please God, completely) opaque and they’re either low enough or covered enough to avoid the dreaded camel toe, what’s wrong with ’em?

Normally, I would not give a shiz about this one way or the other. In fact, no shorter than one month ago, I was very anti-legging. Sure, I thought, they look cute on some girls, but surely they would look totally butt on, say, short curvy little me.

But I ended up buying a pair as a part of a costume, thinking they would look ridiculous. And I laughed at the store. And I laughed backstage. And then I put them on.

And, oh my God, friends, LEGGINGS. Leggings are wonderful!

First of all, they are more comfortable than just about any other article of clothing I can imagine. MAYBE sundresses or pajamas are equally comfy, but I doubt it.

And then, the versatility! Good lord of taylor, are they versatile. Yes, of course you can wear them under a dress or a skirt, but there are so many more options! You can wear ’em with boots:


You can wear them with a long shirt:


You can fancify them with heels and a pattern:


Hell, you can even wear them with sneaks for all I care!


Plus, remember that too-short skirt you bought (or the normal skirt you shrunk in the laundry)? Now you can wear it again! Just add leggings and you’re golden.

Of course, leggings can easily go horribly wrong. For instance, make sure your leggings are not see-through. Generally, it’s also wise to stick to darker colors (unless you’re very skinny, and then you might [MIGHT] be okay). And always make sure your crotch is at least mostly covered. Short shorts (and very tight shirts) are always a bad idea with leggings, unless you want to look like Sandy from Grease post-slutization.

Otherwise, leggings are fashion’s gift to women. They are comfortable, cute, and, through some strange series of fortuitous events, currently in style. I love leggings. In fact, I’m wearing leggings as I type this right now.

So hate all you want, but from where this blogger is sitting, leggings are not only pants, but they are superior pants that I personally plan to wear almost exclusively all summer.

    I give you advice. You take it. Or I eat your face.