A Quick and Easy Barbecue Side

So a guy friend is hosting a barbecue this weekend on the terrace of his apartment building. In Manhattan. It’s not quite the same for me as a traditional backyard gathering, but these are the things we sacrifice to live in the city.
At least there will still be some classics in the way of burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. But the rule of being a dinner party or barbecue guest is you can’t show up empty handed. While ordinarily I prefer to contribute something of the beverage variety, or pre-washed-and-cut fruit from the nearest grocery store, I’ve decided it’s time to man up and cook something. I don’t want to be shown up by a bunch of boys, even though without question they can cook better than me.
Barbecue essentials that the boys will be providing consist of meat. I don’t cook meat, so I’m opting to make cole slaw.
You need:
1 small bag pre-chopped cabbage/cole slaw mix
Sprinkling of celery seed for garnish/flavor
Red grapes (as many/few as you like)
1 half cup low-fat Miracle Whip
1 capful apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar
Mix your vinegar, Miracle Whip, and sugar first in a large bowl, then add as much of the cole slaw mix as you intend to make. Add mix/your dressing as needed to get the right amount of moisture in there. If you’re making the entire bag, you’ll definitely need to add more dressing. Stir together, sprinkle with celery seed and add grapes for garnish and a little fruity goodness.
Voila, you’ve got cole slaw to write home about and it’s not horrendously fattening either.
This recipe is all approximated, by the way, because it’s one of those in-the-family, we-don’t-believe-in-measuring situations. You’ve got to stop and taste to make sure it meets your standards before sending it off to the masses.

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