People Fall For Internet Hoaxes ALL the Time (and I’m not lying)

Now, I consider myself to be pretty internet savvy. I know how to search for stuff I need, what sites are good and what sites suck, and all kinds of stuff I’m sure you probably don’t even want to think about. But even I fall for things sometimes, and though I tend to do research on stories that I don’t quite fall for, some stuff gets me. I don’t feel bad though; it gets pretty much everyone else, too.
Remember Aliza Shvarts? She reportedly repeatedly artificially inseminated herself, then took all kinds of abortifacient (read: abortion-inducing) drugs and herbs for an art project. Everyone was all kinds of upset over this one, and it was taken seriously since Yale reported it and everything. Alas, not so much; Aliza’s work was entirely fiction.
Then there’s the one guy who re-grew his finger with pixie dust. Everything grew back in about four weeks, reportedly, and things worked just fine. Of course, it helps that he only had a minor injury and certainly didn’t have his finger severed at the knuckle or anything.
On the flip side, there are stories that can’t possibly be true but are. You know the ones; you completely dismiss them as false, and then you find out that it’s completely true. Remember that picture that surfaced a while back of the shark about 20 feet behind a guy’s kayak? That was totally legit. And the freakish Cyclops kitten that looked like an expertly crafted sculpture that belonged on a roadside show? Also actually entirely true.
Funny little-known fact about the internet, you see, folks; there are millions of people on it. Well over 200,000,000, according to some. And there is positively no way that all of those people are good-hearted people who would never tell a lie or make up a story. I’m sure you know at least one person who does this sort of thing consistently. I’m also pretty sure you know at least one person who falls for that sort of thing consistently; they do say that a sucker is born every minute.
And sometimes, you’re that sucker.

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