Love-Free Diet: Day One

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The elimination of most of my music and pretty much any TV has been an interesting change to my morning. Luckily, my hangover from Saturday night kept me in bed for most of the day, and thus helped it go by a little faster. I made it through my Love Diet playlist about two and a half times before I decided silence might be a nice alternative to my new favorite 17 love-free songs.
I cleaned my apartment to an extent that left every surface not only sparkling clean but also disinfected. I did my nails, and even a bit of reading. No serenading, love notes or tokens of affection to speak of. And I am cool with that; maybe I am just on a residual high from yesterday.
It is the night I think that makes things hard. The evenings and/or nights are where I usually sit down on the couch and mindlessly get absorbed into TV for a while or watch a movie; obviously falling victim to the ideas of well paid writers who make a living off romantic suckers like me. Not tonight, I read the newspaper — a very unromantic newspaper — cover to cover. I just might turn into the most aware person I know.
So, at the end of the day I have to question if this is actually going to make any kind of difference at all. Twenty-four hours has not made me forget about the romance that I desire so much, will another 144? Am I really going to be able to shake my unrealistic ideas of romance and just be wowed by the everyday little things?
And the answer, well, I have no idea…

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Travel Lesson #7: Go with the Flow
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