My Prom: A Night to Forget (Part 2)

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I wasn’t planning to go to the prom. With no date and a recent heartbreak, what was the point? Instead, I was going to dress up and have dinner with some single friends. Except… at dinner, one of my friends and I decided that we kind of wanted to go to the prom after all.
The only problem was that it seemed impossible—you needed to have a ticket to get in, and tickets had been selling all week for $50/pair. Advance tickets were the only tickets, and you couldn’t buy them at the door.
My friend and I complained to each other about how $50/pair was an exorbitant price for prom tickets (something I still believe). “Screw that,” she said. “Let’s just sneak in.”
To put it mildly, I am a goody two-shoes, and that didn’t sound like the greatest idea ever to me. But I was so bitter from the recent breakup that she was able to convince me before too long.
We planned out some major stealth moves, but as it turned out, it was pretty easy to sneak into the prom. The door attendants weren’t even checking tickets, and we were already dressed up, so we were good to go. I was of such high morals, though, that I wouldn’t touch any of the fancy desserts there because I hadn’t actually paid for a ticket (even though they looked SO GOOD!). Instead, I strolled into the dance area.
Well, you can probably imagine what I saw there.
Even though Nicole and Eric were dancing a little too close to each other for comfort, they still both vehemently denied that they were seeing each other. All of my other friends denied it, too, and told me I was crazy for thinking so. Believing I was going insane, I couldn’t stand much more than a half-hour at the prom, and my friend and I left after just a little while.
Believe it or not, it wasn’t until two years later that my suspicions were finally confirmed. I was working with an old high school friend of mine who decided to start a conversation with me using the line, “Hey, you remember when Eric was going out with Nicole?”
She pretended to be shocked that I had never known during all that time.
I confronted my best friend about it (she and Eric had broken up about a year previous to when this happened), but she just acted like it was no big deal. “I don’t see why it bothers you,” she said.
For real?
I still consider her my best friend, but we’re really not as close as we used to be.
Moral of the story: trust your gut, and remember that your prom wasn’t the only one that sucked.

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