Not getting laid? You’re Probably Just Not Trying

Guys tell me all the time…
“You know, if you wanted to have sex, all you have to do is….go have it.”
Over the years, I have learned that these guys are telling me the truth. As a reasonably attractive female who works out and eats right and has a body to show for it, finding a guy to have sex with hasn’t ever really been tough. Throw in the fact that I’m more intelligent than a lot of girls I meet and definitely more laid back…and lets just say that the sex in my life should be plentiful. But it’s not.
A friend was asking me about this yesterday. He finally came to a conclusion:
“You know what? You just don’t give a f*ck. Cause if you gave a f*ck, you’d be having sex.”
And I realized, just like that, that he was right. I keep complaining about the fact that I’m not meeting guys who I want to be physical with, but lets face it, I’m probably not trying.
And if you’re a reasonably attractive and intelligent girl out there feeling a little unlucky with sex lately, the deal is probably the same for you. I hate to say it ladies, but guys don’t have a lot of standards about who they’ll sleep with. If you’re not getting laid, you probably just don’t want to — at least with the prospects you currently have.

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