Agyness Deyn: What’s All the Hype About?

As I study some pictures from various other media outlets of the up and coming new-aged model Agyness Deyn — the woman dubbed, “the fashion industry’s next supermodel” — I can’t help but think that I must’ve missed the fashion boat on this one.

The short bob, the platinum – almost white – hair, is too much like the twiggy era for me to think Ms. Deyn is breaking a new fashion mold, when really, she’s just playing copy cat to some of fashions oldest trendsetters. If it wasn’t for Henry Holland who discovered Ms. Deyn, this wanna-be may not have been the face of Armani in ’07 or won the 2007 British model of the year award.

I used to love the way models looked; tall, slender (note I said slender, not emaciated or malnourished) and elegant, gliding down the runway with confidence I wished to exude, but never could master. Now, when I watch fashion shows, look at magazine spreads or stare up at billboards, I can’t help but feel the Agyness Deyn’s of this era are seriously lacking in the sheek-ness that once was what fashion stood for.

Their frail frames, gaunt cheek bones, androgynous look and blank, lifeless stares pale in comparison to the Cindy Crawford’s or Christy Brinkley’s of an older generation. My only fear is that if Agyness Deyn is blowing up on as a fierce competitor in the model industry, what does this mean for the future of America’s fashion image?

How do you feel about Ms. Deyn?

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