Love-Free Diet: Day Three

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This morning I tried to watch Good Morning America while I got ready for work, but no such luck whe it came to my diet restrictions. The first commercial break assaulted me with a Hershey’s Kiss commercial displaying a cute couple within the first millisecond and sent me sprinting for the TV to turn it off.

But on an exciting note, (and yes, I realize the following is really not that exciting to a normal person) I stumbled across a Miles Davis CD, and more lucky for me Miles is a man of few words — or rather no words, in his music anyway, so I have safely extend my musical selection to another six songs. Yes.

But here I am in day three of my love-free week, and I am wondering if upon my entrance back into that world with rom-coms, love songs (well, any songs with words really…) sitcoms and their amusing and enviable relationships, along with happily ever after endings will send me into a romantic overload? Here’s to hoping it won’t (obviously you can’t see my raised wine glass, but it’s there. Believe me).

I am starting to feel though, as I look at the flowers I picked for myself and listen to the news in the background (my perpetual background these last few days), that maybe life isn’t as hopeful without the perspective of that romance I have come to love with every TV episode, song, movie and story. Is there really something so wrong with hoping for passionate, unshakeable, indestructible romance?

While I’m starting to realize it’s not as prevalent as it may seem in entertainment, it’s a little disappointing to consider an existance where love is completely out of the question.

Maybe it is just about re-defining the idea of romance…

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