The Funny Just Arrived: Last Comic Standing, Episode 2

Last week’s episode of Last Comic Standing was unremarkable at best. There were a few standouts, but on the whole, things were off to a piss poor start. Tonight’s episode made up for the last week’s lackluster laughs ten-fold.

Bill Bellamy and British assistant host Fearne headed to Los Angeles and Houston to scout for top talent. Both cities were teeming with stellar comedians, especially of the fairer sex.

Three ladies made it to the semi-finals including Andi Smith, a funny lady with a funnier accent. (Her MySpace page says she’s from a small town in Wisconsin though, so the jokes on me.) She’s a working comedian with a lot miles on her and tonight she took the Last Comic Standing camera crew on a tour of her motel room. Let’s just say I’ve seen more habitable fraternity house bathrooms.

Other standouts tonight were Erin Foley, who did an fantastic set on the oddities that can be seen driving through Mississippi and the over-eager employees in the Wachovia commercials. And Jackie Kashian, another Wisconsin native, impressed me with her warm family humor. Move over cheese, comedy is quickly turning into our number one export...not right here though...sorry about that.

The men weren't half bad either. My favorite is Eddie Pepitone who is the bastard child of Lewis Black, Sam Kinison

and every angry old man you try to avoid on the bus. He grouchy but ultimately lovable, which makes him a little more grouchy. It's a vicious cycle which results in a some serious laugh out loud moments.

Last Comic Standing is bringing in comedians from NBC shows past and present to serve as guest judges. Tonight's panelists were Oscar Nunez and Angela Kinsey from The Office and Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince) and Neil Flynn (The Janitor from Scrubs). One of these things is not like the others. One of these things does not belong. Not because he's black (Though NBC is sorely lacking in the people of color department) and not because he's short (he said so himself tonight) and not even because his show went off the air 12 years ago (many of the Fresh Prince storylines are still relevant...except that one with Bell Biv Devoe). Alfonso Ribeiro just isn't someone I think of when I think "funny." I don't know where he fell on NBC's short list but he would've been near the bottom of mine. Was Mayim Bialik from Blossom too busy?

Did you watch tonight? Did anyone you love not make the cut? With two weeks of auditions in the can, who are your front runners? And just what is Fearne adding to this program?

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