After A Year, She Just Owes You Rent

So in the land of the rising sun, a woman was trapped in the closet. Oddly like R. Kelly. Since she was there for like a year, I imagine there were some moments not unlike those found in Mr. Kelly’s masterwork. What am I talking about?
Well for those of you who ignore the news clickers no doubt found to the side of your email logins, in Japan (aka: Weird Capital of the World) a homeless woman was caught living in a man’s closet. Not for like a week. Not a month. A year.
And the guy was living there. Not just in and out. He lived there.
Seriously, she was like his secret roommate. Like a mooching ninja. He wouldn’t have noticed anything if food didn’t start disappearing. How quiet was she if he never heard her? Or did he hear her and just assume it was just his neighbors making noise? You know, coming from the direction of his closet…In his apartment.
And what would have happened if he had moved? Would she have just stayed on in the closet? The landlord is showing the place to prospective renters and she’s just wondering around fixing the place up.
Possible Tenant: “Who’s she?”
Landlord: “Oh she just lives here.”
Possible Tenet: “I thought you said this was vacant!”
Landlord: “What part of ‘as is’ don’t you get?”
But honestly, after a year, why even throw her out? She hasn’t bothered you that long. Make her clean, make up some of that back rent and food she was ninja-ing.
The full story can be found here

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Candy Dish: Links for a Lazy Sunday
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