Candy Dish: Links for a Lazy Sunday

This game is the sh*t! But more addicting than crack: you’ve been warned.
Maxim sums up basically the best gifts of all time for your Dad/Grad.
Charlie Sheen Marries an “Easy” Woman. Obviously.
I feel so bad for this guy. But not bad enough to find his situation completely hilarious.
Watermelon Bombe: It’s not what you’re thinking.
But This Is! Cheers!
Audrina from back in the day. Hot or Not?
Jennifer Aniston is a pothead?! Am I the last person on earth to realize this?!
You don’t have to be rich and white to like SATC...just don’t expect to see yourself represented.
Superhero Fashion: kinda flamboyant. Oh, wait, did I say kinda? I meant VERY.

Is That All There Is?
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