Love-Free Diet: Day Four

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…Or maybe it’s the gender distinction of romance and love.
It’s been my understanding that the majority of guys do not watch rom-coms without mentally noting what things someone would obviously do if they loved you; that they in fact can listen to a John Legend song without awaiting a diamond ring; that they can even watch that sappy Hershey’s Kiss commercial (the one where the guy special orders all those Kisses with the little tags that say ‘I miss you’ for his lady) and never register that might be something you would actually do for the one you Love. Talk about a revelation.
Talk about a productive night’s sleep. I just woke up with this brain child.
It may not be the ‘solution’ to all this, but it is kind of brilliant in figuring this whole thing out; maybe I am not so unreasonable as a hopeless romantic, but rather just sh*t-out-of-luck as far as finding a guy who is on the same page to provide me with all the things I am waiting for, all the time.
Is there really that Richard Gere circa Pretty Woman type of guy out there who is willing to drive his personal limo to my apartment and yell at the top of his lungs, over the romantic opera music (an opera which he took me to see) with roses in hand, that he loves me forever and can’t live without me? Is there really that kind of guy for any girl? Or rather should it be the everyday things that declare that same kind of love?
It’s been four romance-free days, and while I have noticed that the overt displays are, well, non-existent, I am noticing that romance is still out there. For example, today I saw a couple standing on the street corner, and the guy leaned over and kissed her on the forehead just for the shear purpose of showing her some affection. Damn, that was sweet I thought. It didn’t require wrapping paper or a speech for the entire world to hear, but it was personal and affectionate. It was great.
Perhaps it goes to show that while the Richard Gere type may be one out of every man, the runner-ups are out there, if even for a fleeting moment.

Is That All There Is?
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