Trying to Lose Weight? Try an Online Food Diary

With the purchase of my new Wii Fit, I’ve been on a serious exercise and health kick of late (with the glaring exception of Memorial Day). As such, I’ve been trying to keep track of everything I eat and my portions in my head, which is inherently flawed in that in any given day I will lose my keys, sunglasses and purse at least once. And so I’ve found some sites that help not only keep track of what I eat every day and my daily exercise, but also tell me how many calories I should consume for my size, how many calories are in my favorite foods and how many calories are burned in my workout.
The one that I’m using is called thedailyplate. Membership is free and the site is very easy to use. Like the Wii Fit, it has you setting weight goals and gives you tips on how to achieve them. I like the way the days are laid out, it shows fairly comprehensively what you ate, when, and all the nutritional aspects of that meal.

is another site that tracks what you eat and purports to have the largest food database of sites of its kin. It does seem more customizable and set up in a very pleasing way. It’s also endorsed by some big names, but its $9 a month so I’m gonna stick to the free one. If you are really committed and wiling to spend that extra money a month, I say go for it.
Fit Day Fit Day seems to be very similar to and it’s free. If offers some software that you can buy, though, that seems pretty neat.
If you Twitter and would like to have a food dairy close at hand on your twitter page, you can go to tweetwhatyoueat
If you just assume not deal with a big complicated website to help you count your calories, you can go to CaloriesCount for a simple template that you can print out and use to record your meals.
Keeping a food diary seems to be key in undertaking any serious weight loss. Not only does it help you know how many calories you consume, it also helps to identify unhealthy eating patterns and whether or not you are consuming enough of what you should be consuming. I’m hoping that I can use it to help retrain my body to be hungry at more beneficial times (namely, less hungry at night when all I want in the world is to eat a big box of cheezits)
If you keep a food diary or use a website to keep track of what you eat, tell us about it.

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