POP!: CC’s Weekly Round Up of all Things Pop Culture

Hottie of the week
Oh, hellooooo, Johnny Depp. I didn’t mean to watch the MTV Movie Awards, but the two times that I accidentally watched, there he was. He banged my eyes stupid.
Kurt Cobain’s ashes were stolen from Courtney Love. Did she stage that so that people would talk about her? Seriously, that’s awful. I miss Kurt and Nirvana.
Where are you going Grandma?
Lily Allen, Bambi spewing blood on your dress freaks me out – it is not fashionable.
You need to know that despite what TMZ told you, Jamie Lynn Spears will not raise her child in a barn .
Song of the Week
Still with the “Lollipop“.
Finally, the dems have a candidate.
Quote of the year
“If I punched every bitch who called me fat, it would be dead bitches all up and down the highway” I’m gonna say it – I love Star Jones.
The WTF of the week
How the hell do two toolboxes like Heidi and Spencer make millions of dollars? That’s it – I’m never writing about these two ever again. $500 might grow on their tool tree just for me typing this about them. P.S. Heidi, just design your sh*tty clothes because you are never gonna get an Oscar.
Angelina and Brad’s twin pictures will earn them $15 million. This almost went under WTF of the week for me. It was close.
Jessica Alba’s been pregnant for 3 years, I swear. Poor thing may only earn like $5 mil for HER baby’s first pictures. How sad.

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