Zimbabwe Aid Organization Ban Puts Millions at Risk, (and more!)

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Democratic presidential nominee-apparent, Obama and soon to be ex-presidential candidate Clinton shared a private tête-à-tête on Friday marking the first step towards re-uniting the much divided Democratic Party. Neither the meetings’ location nor content have been disclosed.

Meanwhile, Clinton supporters are mounting an intense effort to pressure Obama into offering Clinton the post of vice president. On Tuesday, Senator Clinton told supporters that she would be “open” to being Obama’s running mate if it would help the Democratic Party win the White House.

In Other News:

On Friday, a bill aimed at limiting climate-warming carbon emissions died in the Senate after a procedural vote. The bill would have cut total US emissions by 66% by 2050. Opponents said it would result in lost jobs and even higher fuel prices.

Despite the highest jump in the unemployment rate in 3 ½ years, 5.5% during May alone, the White House maintains that the country is not in a recession.


On Friday, Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was detained for the second time by police. Tsvangirai is set to compete in a run-off against incumbent dictator Robert Mugabe on June 27th. On Thursday, police held five US diplomats, among them the US ambassador, and two British diplomats after they visited victims of political violence. The opposition says that 65 people have been killed since the first round of voting in March.

A senior western diplomat told the UK’s Telegraph on Friday that Mugabe’s power has been reduced to that of a figurehead with several generals in actual command of the country.The diplomat says that it was these senior generals who kept Mugabe in power at the end of March.

On Thursday, Mugabe banned all of the international aid organizations working in Zimbabwe—including the UN organization CARE International—saying that they were aiding Tsvangirai’s campaign bid.

CARE warned on Friday that the regime’s ban puts millions of Zimbabweans at risk. CARE’s Africa communications manager Kenneth Walker stated,

“You have a situation, a very dire economy in Zimbabwe… inflation is more than 100,000 percent and just finding the next meal is an extremely major exercise for a great many people… So several million people without access to food aid, health services, education, clean water and sanitation facilities are at risk.”

Eighty percent of Zimbabweans are unemployed. Home-based care for those affected with HIV-AIDS was among the services provided by CARE.

And Now For Something Completely Different:

Beijing Olympic organizers have released the officially sanctioned cheer for the August games. The four-step cheer is designed to promote cheering in a “smooth and civilized manner”. Organizers will use television programs, squads of volunteers at Olympic venues, and the Education Ministry to assure proper cheer etiquette.

It goes like this:

“Olympics… Jiayou” (translated as “add oil”—a traditional Chinese sporting cheer)

as you say this, clap twice and then give a double thumbs up.

Then, “China… Jiayou”

If you are a foreigner you may replace Olympics and Jiayou with the names of individuals and other countries.

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[Photo courtesy of the New York Times.]

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