Stuff That Drives Me Crazy (in a totally awesome way) Right Now, People Version:

Person: Arden Wohl
This girl directed a film on the Chupacabra. Fashion-wise, she is all about extremes. An article on Radar Online quotes her as comparing herself to a lizard and saying, “Clothing is meant to be fun, right?” As much as she is known for her constant headband-donning, she does not confine herself to one fashion genre. In fact, she seems to be all about extremes, liking “things long and loose, or short.”
It seems many New Yorkers, in our daily quest to make the A/L/N/6 train without attracting any unwanted attention, have resigned ourselves to the same hoodie, leggings and “I’m NOT a Plastic Bag” as every other chick on the platform.
Conversely, Wohl’s socialite peers are partial to Tory Burch (boooooring) logo flats and “ethnic” paisley print muʻumuʻus. Now you may say, “Hold on a second, Nora- Arden Wohl wears those mu’umu’us, too!” Let me tell you something about Arden Wohl: though she was born into privilege, Arden Wohl sure seems to know a little more about the world and its problems than most of her peers. Arden is dedicated to saving Darfur and is currently promoting Libby Spears’s documentary, The Playground Project, about the commercial sexual exploitation of children, with Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney. Arden is also passionate about the Nest Foundation, which raises awareness for the same cause.
The girl can rock a headband and doesn’t take herself too seriously when it comes to style, saving all of her true conviction for causes helping others. And on top of that, she’s worked with George Clooney and managed to concentrate on the task at hand. Arden Wohl is one fashionable, focused philanthropist.
Person: Alison Goldfrapp
You know that crazy catchy song from the Verizon LG Chocolate commercial a few months
back? If you weren’t already sure, it was Bath, England duo Goldfrapp’s “Strict Machine” off their second studio album, Black Cherry. Singer Alison Goldfrapp’s style is constantly changing both in the realms of fashion and music, not evolving but rather bouncing around like a tennis ball tossed forcefully into a small box, and her performance energy is just as frantic.
Like a club couture superhero, she seems introverted by day and mostly shuns interviews, but when the lights go down and she hits the stage, she is a breathy, writhing sex goddess in stilettos. She is famous for her short short/horse tail combinations and admits to having an aesthetic fondness for hybrids, which is reflected back into her music. It seems one cannot exist for her without influencing the other.
For all of her talent and sex appeal, however, Alison’s traumatic youth left her feeling undesirable and her first interviews gave her nightmares. I applaud Alison’s brave wardrobe choices through her worries, and Madonna herself has been photographed on at least 2 occasions wearing blantantly Goldfrapp-plagiarized inspired ensembles. The English press has even begun calling Madge “Oldfrapp”.
Goldfrapp’s latest album, Seventh Tree, released February 28th, has a more (widely-publicized) folky sound to it, but the band insists that it is not folk! And, you know, I believe them — because Alison has taken to wearing harlequin getups (Sorry, I know I mentioned this in my last blog, but it was before I even realized what was influencing me!), marabou-accented pirate hats, and, apparently, entire owls. This isn’t your Mama’s Joan Baez in a maxi skirt.

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