Dear God No: Croc High Heels

I don’t know when or why it happened, but some time in the last few years people started popping up all over the place wearing orthopedic shoes. Brightly colored, rubber orthopedic shoes. And then they started sticking little decorations on them.
And then, gasp, I saw them being sold at Nordstrom.
Which is where I learned that the shoes were called Crocs and, despite being the most horrifically ugly footwear since the Moon Boot, they were very popular.
“They are so comfortable,” my 30-year-old brother said after I gagged when I saw him wearing them.
Since when does the entire world give up fashion for comfort? Seriously, my grandma wouldn’t even be caught dead in those things.
Well, the….er….masterminds behind the Croc heard my complaint. Sorta. They have been working feverishly to expand their product into the not-so-ugly market and have now done it with….
Wait for it….
The Croc High Heel.
I really didn’t think it could get any worse than the original, but, alas, I was wrong. I don’t care how comfortable these things are, I would rather walk home from the bar with 2 bloody stumps than even try these things on in stores.
If you know what is good for you (and fashion as a whole) you will not give in to the crazies over at Croc. No matter how high the heel or the comfort level.

The Trials and Tribulations of R. Kelly
The Trials and Tribulations of R. Kelly
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