Good News for Lovers of Teen Drama

Big things coming out of The CW today – you know, that station that Gossip Girl is on? Yeah, that one. Word on the street is the brilliant minds (and stylists) behind everyone’s favorite East Coast O.C. – Gossip Girl, duh – could be working on a spin-off for one Ms. Jenny Humphrey.
I don’t really read trashy novels (in public), so I don’t know much about the GG book series, but apparently there was a spin-off series of books called, It Girl, in which J Humph. left New York City and headed to boarding school. People are saying that this book spin-off could become a TV show spin-off (how creative!) sometime next season.
I for one am sorta sad to see Jenny go – the Humphrey family is already severely broken with Mama Humphrey moving up-state to work on her art…and another man – but I can’t hide my (embarassing, I know) excitement to see what kind of trouble this girl from the wrong side of the city gets herself into there.
And if that news wasn’t enough to get me through my hump day; there’s more.
The CW (the Spin-Off Network, apparently) is also launching a spin-off to Beverly Hills 90210, simply called, 90210. Old news. The new and totally awesome news, however, is that Nat (Peach Pit Nat) may be joining the cast! He will most likely be in a wheelchair, seeing that he’s nearly 100 now, but I am sure his peach pie and fatherly advice is still divine.
I know I am going to regret this later, but I can’t wait for the Fall!
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