Steal That Look! (Without Breaking the Bank): The SATC Movie

The Sex and the City Movie left me slightly depressed. No, not because the movie made me all mushy and introspective, wondering when I am going to find my Steve, Harry, Big or Smith. That sentiment wasn’t even a blip on my radar.
Rather, the SATC movie left me depressed for admittedly superficial reasons. Forget Freuds Penis Envy — the SATC Movie left me with major, MAJOR bag, clothes, and shoe envy. I felt like having a tantrum circa 1983 (But mom I waaaaant it!!!!!).
I am not exaggerating when I say that I was salivating at the sight of Miranda’s Norma Kamali Swim-suit and Carrie’s 5,000 pairs of Manolo’s and Louboutins. Suddenly my flip flops and white terry zip-up made me feel like a hot-mess.
Maybe I should have dressed up for the movie (I say this now with extreme sarcasm, because I still think movies go hand in hand with sweatpants and popcorn; not patent leather pumps and thigh highs). But when the movie was over, I had an itch to go home, freshen up and put on my best Carrie Bradshaw imitation.
But when I got home, nothing in my closet seemed to inspire me. Everything paled in comparison to my girls on the big screen. Sure, I have some stellar pieces from flea markets, boutiques and department stores; surly I could find some sort of SATC fashion inspiration for my night out on the town. But nothing came of it.
So, lucky for you ladies, I decided to do what I do best, scour the internet for SATC fashion looks that won’t leave me eating ramen and living out of a cardboard box for the next 20 years.

Carrie’s Extreme Dior Gladiator platforms ($770!) left me with extreme shoe envy, until I saw that my man Steve (as in Madden) made a very close knock off for $109.95! Pair the brown ones with a flirty ivory dress for trendy stark contrast. Then look in the mirror and call yourself Carrie (I won’t tell!).
This season is all about the Retro one-pieces. While last years maternity trend made me want to scream (and cry- which I did when someone asked me if I was expecting) this year’s hot trend of the one piece leaves me squirming with affection for the fashion gods. The Norma Kamali Mio suit that Miranda wears may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen. However, its hefty price tag counterpart of $350? Not so cute.
As an alternative, try this red retro style by Carmen Marc Valvo for $117 or this Pinup Retro Scoopneck one-piece for only $51.99

Charlotte’s Jackie O inspired shades were classy and big without making her look bug-eyed and over-stated. Everyone needs a perfect pair of shades to wear on the beach (in that new suit of yours) or with a sundress and an iced coffee (deeeelightful!). Swap out the movie originals (Natali Sunglasses from Salt for $313) and go for a pair at Forever 21 for $5.80.
In just about every scene, Samantha or one of other ladies had something fabulously belted. Thrown over a duster, a chunky sweater, a blazer, a sundress, a slightly miss-matched belt can not only complete an outfit, but also cinch in your waist giving you that perfect hour-glass figure. Try this white patent belt from Forever 21 for $7.80.

A Tip: Since belting is such a huge trend right now (read: the slap bracelets of yester-year) many jackets, dresses, etc. are coming
with belts already attached. To really punch up the outfit and make you a standout, swap out the belt that it comes with for a different one that contrasts/compliments in color. Or take it one step fabulous-er and look for a different texture (think patent, woven, or croc).
[Photos courtesy of Steve Madden, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret and]

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