Be a Beach Beauty from Day to Night

Summertime gives me a reason to be a total beach bum. I live for the days spent at the beach just lounging around, sporting my newly purchased bikini (I’m lusting over this one from $15.00 separates), and all too obviously, scouting out the many shirtless male bodies… Ah, life is good.
Yet too many times my chill shore sessions turn sour when I find myself unprepared for an impromptu post-beach party or happy hour. I refuse to look like a mess in front of potential summer hook ups!
So, ladies, summer ’08 is dedicated to being ready for anything and it all starts with the perfect beach bag.


This nautical inspired number from $14.90, is not only fashionable, but also the ideal size to carry your evening outfit.


And when it comes to this outfit, keep it simple. I definitely recommend a bold mini-dress since bright shades are an absolute essential when it comes to accenting that summer glow you’ve been working on. really has the most adorable options at very affordable prices, like this Eyelet Trapeze dress $24.80.

On to my favorite part: SHOES. We all know the gladiator sandal and wedge are super popular right now. Thank you, Ashley Olsen. But let’s take it a step further and try this gladiator-inspired heel from $69.95. This pair comes in both black and brown, so take your pick.

Now onto accessories. Every outfit needs a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. A chunky necklace or bracelet is a must-have right now. But if you’re more of a cocktail ring person, this one from $14.99 is a great choice.

I’m a huge fan of straw clutches for summer weather. And after scouring sites for a cute and cheap option, I came across this extremely inexpensive one from $10.

Your evening ensemble is almost complete. All you need is a little brush of bronzer and swipe of lip gloss and you’re good to go! Try Benefit’s Boxed Powder’s Collection in 10 $28 and Her Glossiness V.I.P. lip gloss $16.

Now you can always go from beach bum to beach betty!

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CollegeCandy Meets The Ting Tings
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