Some Like it Funny: Top 10 Hottest Funny Boys

Hollywood is filled with some of the best looking men we’ve ever seen. But, it’s one thing to be good looking and quite another to have the ability to make an audience laugh. Having the whole package – even in Hollywood – seems like a rarity. While Will Ferrell can make me go into a fit of laughter like no other, as soon as that shirt comes off, (which it seems to do, in every movie) the whole attraction factor goes bye bye. Here are some guys who can make me laugh and break a sweat looking at them:

1. Ryan Reynolds. Now, besides the fact that he is off the market (engaged to Scarlet Jo!), this man is seriously adorable – and funny. Did you not see his abs in the hilarious movie Waiting? Or perhaps catch a glimpse of that killer smile?

2. Dane Cook. Not only is his stand up hilarious, but he’s got that dreamy guy-next-door-you’d-like-to-pounce-on look. Girls dig it. Guys dig it. I sure as heck do.

3. Sean William Scott. While Steve Stiffler is a piece of work, this guy is not too bad on the eyes. Ever see that movie Rundown with him and The Rock? Yummy.

4. Jim Carrey. Ah, a classic. This man can do it all, while maintaining a great physical appearance. That Jenny McCarthy must be keeping him young!

5. The Wilson Brothers. Whether you prefer blonde or brunette, there’s something for everyone in this twin set. I myself prefer Luke (circa Old School, “Yes Godfather, yes!”), but lots of ladies love the bummed out nose and surfer look of Owen. Let’s just hope the funny man can stay on track…wouldn’t want to disappoint his admirers.

6. Vince Vaughn. Some love his look. Others hate it. Personally, I’d love for his 6’7’’ frame to swing me around a dance floor like he did to Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers, as he cracked jokes to her parents. He’s a burely type of man: likes to drink beer, stick his hand down his pants, burps and farts real loud. You ladies know you like it. Admit it.

7. The Wayans Brothers. Whether you like them skinny or muscular, Marlon and Shawn (don’t forget Keenan and Damon!) are some luscious looking funny men who can pull off spoof comedy, like dressing up as spoiled females in the movie White Chicks. Now, come on; what guys could put on tights, masks and make-up and still manage to rock our world?

8. Seth Rogen. There’s something about his curly hair and beer gut that has certain ladies requesting a little Knocked Up 2. It’s simple: He’s the guy who’d be in love with you in high school, but you’d be chasing after the hot jock. Give this funny man a chance. Laughter is the key to a women’s heart and this guys brutal honesty makes him endearing.

9. Will Smith. Although lately he’s made some more serious movies, Will Smith knew how to crack up an audience during his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. And he is still making me weak in the knees.

10. Kevin James. Call me a chubby chaser, but I think this guy is adorable. His stand-up is hilarious, his show, The King of Queens, is a modern-day Seinfeld/Married with Children (sans the children), and his Pillsbury doughboy look makes me want to cuddle up with him and watch a movie. Sigh….

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