Dresses For Rent

Unless you have been living under a rock — or spend so much money on uber expensive fashion that you’ve had to forgo cable and internet – you know about the new fashion trend sweeping the nation:
Handbag rentals.
Hell, even my mother knows about bagborroworsteal thanks to the Sex and the City Movie. The idea is simple; you just pick out a designer handbag that you covet, but can’t come even close to affording, and pay a small fee to rent it for a little while. It is every poor college student’s dream situation.
What could be better than sporting the latest Miu Miu around town for a measly $80-ish bucks? The hardest part is sending that bad boy back, but even that can be negotiated in a rent-to-buy situation.
The idea is so perfect that some people are taking it a step further:
Dress rentals.
The idea really isn’t so novel; men have been doing it for years with tuxedos. It is actually quite perplexing that women have caught on just now. At Ilus in New York City (website coming soon), women are able to choose from tons of gorgeous, in-season designer dresses to rent for short periods of time. The store even does minor alterations. It is ideal for those of us who need a dress, but don’t want to make the financial commitment. You just go to that event, turn heads, and then bring the dress back the next day.
This trend is practical – flawless, even – but I just don’t know. Our culture has turned us into materialistic zombies. We may not admit it, but many of us put more emphasis on things than we should. And this new luxury is only fueling the fire. The fact that this has even been created speaks volumes about what women want in life.
Is it really that important to have the latest and hottest handbag/designer dress? Is the focus of these companies to ease the financial burden for women who need a dress to go to a wedding, or to let women have a taste of the life we can’t really afford? I love designer handbags as much as the next girl (probably a whole lot more), but even I don’t feel comfortable with flaunting something around town that isn’t mine.
What is the point of having things like that if we didn’t really earn them? And, knowing how much I sweat when I hit the town in a cute dress, would I really want to wear someone else’s leftovers anyway?

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