Round One: Job v Identity. Go!

gargoyleThis article really made me think.
In the article, we learn that some cities are better for individuals to work in than others (cost of living, housing, relation to career, etc.). New York City, where I have lived since the tender age of 17, gets slammed.
Yes, it’s an expensive city to live in, but what I think this article completely leaves out is lifestyle. New York, for instance, offers a way of living that no other city can offer. And I’m sure any defender of any place they love would say the same. It’s important to be in a place that makes you happy, that keeps you fulfilled, if you want to do well at work. A fulfilled worker is a happy worker. Right?
Or wrong? I don’t know.
Today (at least in our society), job often comes before all else. It’s what we ask each other first at parties–“What do you do?” is supposed to tell us all we need to know.
And yet, most of the functioning 20-something set I know are unhappy in their jobs. Most of them don’t consider their current job to be their ultimate career.
In this era of jobhopping and identity searching, should we really choose our home based on our jobs? Shouldn’t we live in places that suit us as people and are near or with people with love and then find the right job?
What do you think? Would you relocate for a job?
Me, I’m sticking it out in NYC. Even if it means living in a shoebox and eating ramen the rest of my life.
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