Yours, Mine and Our-gasms

After hearing about KY Brand‘s new Yours & Mine couples lubricants, I was mildly intrigued. After seeing a few more ads in magazines and one semi-funny commercial, I decided to investigate via Google.

What I found was an intricately designed website that made this lube look like the kind that astronauts would use… if they found time to do the dirty while in orbit. Extra-curricular NASA activity aside, I decided I had to try it.

I went to my local Target, dragged my boyfriend to the pharmacy aisle and asked if he was game to test drive it. $18.09 (!!!) later, we were opening up our high tech pleasure pack.

The box reflects the same “couples only” mindset that all the other marketing for this product does, which I find pretty inconsiderate of any loyal single KY customers. Slogans for Yours + Mine include “The best thing to happen to sex since love” and “It takes two…To make magic. To make love.” KY makes no effort to sell this product to those engaging in casual play.

The lubes come in 1.5 oz test tubes (they’re a lot smaller than I thought they’d be, considering the price) that faintly glow in the dark. This unnecessary (but awesome) trait earns the product bonus points with me and boyfriend, as both of us are easily amused.

Boyfriend, a biology major, gets into the whole playing scientist scheme with the test tubes and obeys the box’s directions to use “Mine” (the pink one) on me, while I use “Yours” (blue) on him.

I catch a whiff of “Mine” and am suddenly wary of the fact that it smells distinctly of Novocaine, which would be a highly counter-productive ingredient in foreplay. “Yours” smells exactly like the bubbles I used to blow as a kid. Being that I am highly susceptible to distraction, this nostalgic smell throws off my mood.

When I regain my focus, I realize that “Mine” is cold, but not a jarring or unpleasant cold, just a tingly and novel sensation. Boyfriend says “Yours” doesn’t feel like much of anything, but to me it feels kind of warm? That could have just been heat from the friction, because as far as hand job glide goes, this stuff is useless.

We decide we’ve had enough of 2nd and 3rd base and go for the home run. I’m expecting the kind of fireworks and opera music the commercials promised. Surprisingly (and oh so pleasantly) I am not disappointed. This stuff seriously delivers on its guarantees of “an amazing reaction.”

Yet, despite the earth shattering orgasm, the stuff is still overpriced – especially compared to some other brands. Its main perk is that it is both cooling and warming, at precisely the right times, but it doesn’t smell that great, and is definitely not edible (a big complaint I got from boyfriend, as he’s used to our flavor of the day lubes). It is also slightly stickier, with more residue, than other lubes. So, for the same result, with a smaller price tag, consider using just warming or cooling lubricants; Yours + Mine only allows you to feel one sensation at a time anyways.

Another benefit of Yours and Mine is that it inspired my boyfriend and I to spend a little longer on foreplay, encouraged us to communicate the whole time about exactly what we were feeling, and definitely made the overall experience extremely…satisfying.

KY boasts that “different couples feel different sensations” when using Yours + Mine. Have you tried it? What sensations did you feel?

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