A CollegeCandy “Love Guru” Giveaway!

Is there anyone funnier than Mike Myers? I mean, seriously – Austin Freaking Powers? This guy is a genius and, let’s be honest, we have all gone far too long without him in our lives. But the wait is almost over, people. Love Guru, Mike Myers’ new movie (and first original character since Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery) will be hitting theaters this Friday.

The movie has a ridiculous cast, including Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Mini Me!, and is sure to be an instant hit. We have been playing on the site/watching the trailer all week at the CC office and we can’t get enough. There is something about Mike Myers with an Indian accent that is just too good to be true.

Because we are so completely excited for Friday night (and may or may not have already purchased tickets…don’t tell), we thought we would kick off the celebration early and award one lucky CollegeCandy reader with a Love Guru prize pack.

It includes:

– The Love Guru soundtrack (which you can listen to here. Heeeelarious)

– A Love Guru t-shirt

– A Love Guru poster autographed by Mike Myers

This movie is guaranteed to be a mega-hit and how awesome would you look with that poster hanging over your bed? (Bonus: that boy you bring with you would l-o-v-e it.)

It is easy to enter and easy to win. Simply enter your favorite Mike Myers quote/dialogue in the comments section below and we – self-proclaimed Mike Myers experts – will choose our favorite as the winner! Yes, your fate is in our hands. Mwa hahahaah (that is our evil laugh).

You have until Friday at noon to get your entries in before we start picking and choosing, so get on it. The winner will be chosen next week. Unfortunately for us, we can’t win. Which is too bad; Lauren has been compiling her quotes all day. She really wants that poster.

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