And Then There Were 4: Episode 5 Of The Bachelorette

If you tuned in to The Bachelorette last night, you were met with a whole lot of nothing. The first hour of tonight’s two-hour broadcast was affectionately dubbed, “DeAnna Tells All.” The lady of the hour sat down with Chris Harrison to dish on the contestants and how the game’s going so far. We also checked in with Trista and Ryan, America’s favorite Bachelorette couple. Trista weighed in on her favorites (Graham and Jason) and provided some not-so-shocking insights into the challenge of being a contestant on the show. What? You mean it’s hard dating 25 guys at once? Wow? Who knew?
Once the chat session was over, the actual episode began. DeAnna took all six guys on a trip to Palm Springs resort. Sean got some alone time but spent most of the time talking in cliches and over-selling himself. Jesse, Jason, Graham and Twilley went ATV riding with DeAnna. Twilley finally got some alone time on the helicopter ride over to the desert. Too bad he suffers from terrible motion sickness and came pretty close to hurling all over her. The boys messed around in the sand and then cooled off and talked up DeAnna by the pool. The long group date didn’t reveal any front-runners but Jesse almost looked attractive.
Jeremy danced and sang the night away with DeAnna on a Frank Sinatra themed evening. Old Blue Eyes would’ve loved the spirit of the date but the singing and campy conversation were atrocious at best.
Despite some ho-hum dates, DeAnna felt confident enough in her selections to cancel the usual cocktail party. Sean and Twilley were given the boot tonight, but that wasn’t exactly earth shattering after watching the dates.
Let’s check out the power rankings going into next week’s hometown dates!
1. Jason – Her face lit up when she mentioned him during the interview with Chris Harrison. Is that because they’re together?
2. Graham – He is opening up and getting better at expressing his feelings. This was his biggest roadblock.
3. Jeremy – Close call here. He is still a front runner but he seems too stiff and serious.
4. Jesse – Hot? Yes. Husband Material? I don’t see it.
Thoughts? Were you surprised Sean got the boot? Anyone else think Trista and Ryan only made an appearance to push for a reality show? And what’s the deal with Chris Harrison anyway? Does this show really need a host?

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