Comfortable Summer Shoes? It Is Possible.

Oh, summer. Oh, summer and your delicious, delicious shoes.
This is the time of year when I long the most for new shoes. Summer shoes are bright and fun and eye-catching. And it’s warm enough that you don’t have to cover them up with pants, jeans, or other such nonsense.
But sometimes, friends…sometimes summer shoes betray us. Sometimes high heeled sandals bust our heels. Sometimes seemingly-perfect shoes cut up the backs of our feet. So while I can’t guarantee anything, I have combed the internet searching for shoes that at least look like they might not kill you.
Here, dear College Candies, are the shoes I am lusting after right now, that I imagine will leave me with chaste, unharmed tootsies.

snake wedge

I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for faux snakeskin.
These little ditties are, yes, wedge platforms, but they’re not too high and they have a peep toe so your toes won’t get squished. Plus, the foot-bed is pretty high so you have a better chance of it really holding your foot in and not rubbing.


For the price of a movie and a small soda, you could have these cute metallic (very in this summer) sandals from Payless. Not bad!


Aren’t these cute?! There’s something very Westerner’s-idea-of-India about them, but, what can I say? Totally sexy. Even better, you can order them online; doesn’t get more comfortable than that.

Look at these adorable little yellow sandals! I just want to eat them up. Or like hug them, or something. Anyway, you get the point. They’re freakin’ cute. Plus, flat. Your foot will be held in snugly with a slingback. Ah, perfection.

Some may say a little pain is worth it, but I totally beg to differ. Especially with the flat, gladiator sandal making its mark this summer. This shoe is perfect with a dress and can be worn to walk all over town, to a long day of work, or even a long night of dancing.


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