Candy Dish: Kaitlyn Maher Replaces EVERYTHING That Was Ever Cute


Kaitlyn Maher might just be our answer to world peace

Peice of your G-String hit you in the eye? Yeah. Her too.

Here's 10 new weird things to hope you never see in your kitchen

This video about John McCain calling his wife the C-word should insult me. But it doesn't. Instead, it makes me laugh (if around others, listen to it with earphones ON)

Sunken cheekbones and coke eyes. Yes! Totally sexy probably lied about Billy Bob's weird anti-Angie quotes. My question is, why make up a story about a celebrity no one cares about?

These girls aren't afraid to look and sound like idiots

Diddy -- or Puff --(f*ck it, I'm making up my own name) DittyPuff likes to wax his "privates" and then smother himself in cologne.

Over 2,386 Marriage Licences Granted in CA as Same-Sex Marriage is Legalized (and more!)
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