The Jonas Brothers: Undercover Christian Soldiers?

The Jonas Brothers (one of whom, let’s not kid ourselves, is going to turn out to be gay) are all over the airwaves these days. Disney is pimping these kids out hardcore; giving them their own band, TV movie, and so many endorsements I’m sure they’re already richer than I’ll ever be. Hell, I’m ten years too old for the Disney channel but still know waaayyy more about these nubile young boys (somebody needs to tell their stylist to LAY OFF the foundation. Geeze) than certain cousins in my immediate family.
Speaking of TMI, I already knew the J. Bros wore promise rings. Whether Disney put a (metaphoric) gun to their head, or they really all want to wait until marriage to get it on, I never thought much about the religious implications behind those rings. Yes, certain devout Christian peeps tend to hang onto their V-cards longer than a lot of us, but I never assumed the Jonas Bros were trying to impart any kind of religious message on the impressionable youth of this sugar-pop obsessed country.
I assumed wrong.
At least according to Fox News.
The little video below — from everyone’s favorite Republican news station — illustrates a rather lackluster and idiotic debate between some lady I’ve never head of and some chick who was an MTV VJ when I was still in training pants. Their argument, whether the Jonas brothers are good for America or are going to give us figurative cavities — is stupid and subjective. The real interesting part are the titles underneath the boring people.
The first title, “Christian Controversy: Jonas Bros Openly Pro-Jesus”, and the second one a little later “Christian Teen Stars: Getting Bashed Unfairly?” are either grossly overblown or actually kind of newsworthy. Are the Jonas Brothers really openly Pro-Jesus? Are they truly promoting the Christian lifestyle? Are the kids of this Nation — many of whom aren’t Christian (I know, surprise, surprise!) being covertly fed conservative Christian ideals? Is Disney as a company promoting conservative Christianity??!
Or is Fox News just attempting to make it seem that way?
PS: the best part of this video is the fact that the music the Jonas Brothers pump out is called “punk rock“. Oh Fox News. Totally in touch with today’s youth.

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