POP!: CC’s Weekly Round Up of all Things Pop Culture

God, Charlize Theron is hot. And I love what she’s wearing.
Hottie of the Week
David Beckham. I hate his voice but man do I love him nearly naked.
Babies Babies Babies
Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl. Please don’t disappoint me by giving her a non-Hollywood crazy name. I don’t want to hear this talk of you giving her a pretty, normal name like Maddie.
Can everyone stop blaming teen pregnancies on “Juno”? I’m sure that movie didn’t influence a group of Massachusetts teenagers to make a ‘pregnancy pact.’
Karolina Kurkova, probably best known for her Victoria’s Secret spreads, “shocked” everyone who saw her “love handles and cellulite” at fashion week in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Karolina apologizes to everyone for eating and for having a booty.
In ‘Does Anyone Care?’ News
“Chinese Democracy” the album that is 14 years in the making, was leaked — but Guns n’ Roses shut that down almost immediately. Axl, just let it out before anyone who really cares to hear it is dead.
Song of the Week
Coldplay “Viva La Vida.” I love this song to death. I love the purple-y hazy commercial for iTunes. I love how it makes me feel super happy…so imagine my surprise to hear that they are being accused by the Creaky Boards, a little know US band, for ripping the song off of them. If you’re curious to see how they compare, you can listen here.
File Under Desperate
Marla Maples. I’ll give it to you – you are 44, survived being Mrs. Donald Trump #2 and that crappy pre-nup and you’re smokin’ hot but please stop it with the beach cartwheels. Just get a new agent and maybe he’ll find you some work.

I’m Much Happier Now. WithOUT Religion.
I’m Much Happier Now. WithOUT Religion.
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