Weird or Awesome: Hair Hats

Jezebel exposed me to some creepy oddities known hair hats. They’re hats…made to look like hair…made to look like animals. It’s the accessory equivalent of a Turducken.
I think we can agree Nagi Noda, the Japanese artist behind the hats, is an amazing designer, sculptor and…hairstylist?
But would you be caught dead with one of these affixed to your scalp? As an average college student or recent grad you may not have an appropriate venue to don an animal face on your head. But I can’t even see the avant-garde, fashion plates of the world rocking these things…unless they were starring in Lion King on Broadway.
Maybe I’m not thinking broadly enough.
So what are your thoughts people? Weird, gross and confusing or glamorous, innovative and stunning? Maybe a little from column A and a little from column B?
Check out a menagerie of hair hats right here.
Photo: Nagi Noda

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