Candy Dish: Cameron Diaz Enjoys Sloppy Seconds

In case you weren’t aware, Hollywood is weird and incestuous

Samantha Ronson is straight up fugly. Even if you like girls who dress like skinny hipster boys (I’m looking at you, Lilo).

Shia keeps dissapointing me (one more strike and we are NOT getting married)

No hurrahs for Al-Hurra: the American government’s idiotic puppet propaganda channel is, not surprisingly, NOT POPULAR with the Arab world

George Carlin: we’ll miss you, you controversial badass

“Pregnancy Pact” perhaps not a pact at all…just “a lot of girls who know each other getting pregnant at the same time and being happy about it”

Mike Meyers is either a diva, or just freaking out because everyone hates The Love Guru

That jogging bra might just save your life (and not in the way you think)

Teacher Burns Students In The Name Of The Lord
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