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Summer Date Ideas For The Broke


beachYeah, if you’re Tila Tequila or, I don’t know, flippin, uh, Rockefeller or something, you can just whistle for your limo and whisk off your date to some exotic location, awesome food, and, eventually, your giant purple bed.

Otherwise, if you’re, oh, say, a college student with not a lot of moolah (and therefore many fewer options), summer dates tend to digress into long walks and the occasional movie night. Now, I love walking and I have been known to thoroughly enjoy a good movie night, but sometimes you want to do something a little more special–without draining the last few bucks in your bank account.

So, dear College Candies, here are a few ideas. Use your new powers for good and not for evil.

Eh, what the hell. Use ’em for evil too.

A Day at the Beach

Frick, man, who doesn’t love the beach?! Pack up your bathing suit, a picnic lunch, sunscreen, towels, some balls, and your date (and your date’s balls…optional) and head off for a lovely day.

Plan to arrive at the beach around 1. This way, you avoid the peak sun of high noon (sweat = sexy; sandy sweat = gross; also, skin cancer = ultimate buzzkill), and it also makes the whole thing feel more leisurely. Spend the day munching, playing volleyball, swimming, and making out.

At night, pack up and head for the local cheap-drinks bar (there is always one by the beach) and end the night with tispy, sunburn kisses.

Your Local Flea Market

Okay, I know this sounds suspect, but hear me out.

You know how guys (mostly) hate shopping? Right. So this seems counter-intuitive.

But what you’re forgetting is that flea markets are full of a lot of crazy shoop. As you pick up odd (and possibly tetanus-inducing) objects, you’ll find yourselves laughing and talking and bonding in a way you couldn’t possibly just sitting facing each other on a couch. A flea market gives you props. You dig? Think “Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Combine this day-long activity with a light dinner and you’re set.

Theme Night

Pick a theme (Mexico, Racoon, New Jersey, whatever) and challenge each other to think of more and more activities in your area that match it. Be creative. And be competitive–the person who comes up with the most ideas wins a prize (sexual favors optional…and totally encouraged).

And make sure you both show up to the date dressed in the theme. If one of you chickens out, the date is off (as are said sexual favors)!

Disposable Cameras

These days, most people have digital cameras. That means better pictures–but fewer weird, let’s-delete-that shots. And those horrible pictures were always so much fun in high school when you finally got around to getting them developed!

So the plan is: You each buy one (really cheap, captions optional) disposable camera. Head off to the park, or wildlife refuge, or wherever you feel like hanging out. Take tons of pictures. Make sure some of them are of each other and of the two of you together.

Drop them off for one-hour processing. Use your hour to eat and cuddle and talk. Pick ’em up and laugh your butts off.


Spend $5 a piece and hop the local public transport to somewhere neither of you have ever been. (Caution: make sure you don’t end up in some really dangerous neighborhood. Defending each other’s honor is only sexy in the movies.) Check out this other, unknown neighborhood. Find new places to go.

Having new experiences together: always an aphrodisiac. Just wait until after you get off the public transportation to act on it.

Any other ideas?

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    I give you advice. You take it. Or I eat your face.