“Happy Hour”: A Shot at Love 2, The Reunion

It might be a genius idea to have the reunion show before the finale. I try to care enough to watch the reunions but usually they are a waste of my time. We don’t get much out of them; all we see is that after watching themselves on TV, the contestants have gone out and gotten new hair or lost weight or sat in a tanning bed for a while.
I don’t remember most of these people so I hope that I don’t have to hear them talk. I wish that Jay had missed his flight out of Jersey.
Everyone is out on stage except for Chad, Bo and Kristy. I guess Chad has to be kept away from Bo, especially if there’s some lawsuit lurking.
We’re treated to clips of everyone making fun of Jay because he sucks, Glitter because she’s crazy and George for being nocturnally creepy. What’s up with staying up all night to watch everyone sleep?
I wish that someone would fill a tube sock with silver dollars and smack Jay in the mouth to make him shut up. You are NOT a bad ass; CHAD had to fight ‘for’ you, little man, because you can’t head butt anyone in the face unless they’re too short to go on the upside down roller coasters at the county fair.
I don’t know who’s calling Jay out, but I like her. Who threw a chair at him? Haaaaa!!!!!! Do it, Jersey girl Lauren!!!
Please interview Lisa now; this ish is draaaaaagging. Oh, Britanny’s up and she was always pretty, but she’s gotten prettier. I didn’t know that she’s a “gold star” lesbian – meaning that she’s never done anything with a boy.
We are then treated to the Glitter Montage of Tears. I feel really badly for laughing at the tears but I will say that she looks good on this reunion show.
And FINALLY Lisa is up; she’s the only one I care to hear. If you’re reading this, you looked smokin’ and you’re totally not manly to me. And it’s appropriate that Lisa’s mini interview closes with Glitter working the pole since the two are such good friends.
Chad comes out in a blue blazer like he’s on “Miami Vice” and I laugh at Glitter saying he looks like a douche because she’s right. I really liked him until what he did to Bo; I could have over-looked the Jay friendship. I don’t even know how that dumb fight started.
After the Chad clip medley, Ryan the Host points out the frequency with which Chad referred to his penis size. Polish guys have huge wang bones? I never heard that. Like I think that every other nationality is known for their penis size in some way except for the Polish guys. Chad’s shoes were clearly stolen from Crockett’s closet. Why would you call Bo’s mom a whore? That’s stupid, totally lame and wholly unoriginal.
When it’s Bo’s turn to come out, Miami Wang Bone has to be put in a cage. Ryan Stout, the host, asks Bo why everyone was annoyed by him and Bo turns the question to the other contestants. Lisa talks about how Bo was in love with Tila the celebrity (hah) and someone tells Bo that he sucks for not calling Chad out for calling his mom a whore…And that’s when the throw down begins.
Chad goes from Miami Vice to shirtless “Fight Club” and they have to take it to commercial so that (possibly fake?) fight doesn’t turn into an explosion of blood and more liability for MTV on stage.
After the break, we see that Chad’s been escorted out and Bo is seated again with the host. Then Kristy comes out – and Sirbrina and Britanny are making out on stage? I’m sure that you’re proving a point to someone.
Bo/Brandon and Kristy clip show and then Kristy makes the Ryan knead her ass to prove that it’s real.
So that was a waste of an hour.
I am grateful that the finale is next week. I’m going to call Kristy for the win because it seems that no one can resist that ass.

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