Going Natural… with Peanut Butter

During my vegetarian kick this winter, I was determined to get enough protein and, ironically, fat in my diet. Cheese was good, milk was fine, and I cannot say enough about my obsession with avocado, but what I needed was something of the nut variety to add a little to my meals. Peanut butter was the obvious choice.
It’s cheap and easy. It’s pre-made. It’s delicious. But I can’t eat the Jifs or the Skippys. They’re too sweet, no matter how choosy my mom is. In actuality, because my mom is diabetic, she was the one who considered them too sweet, and so, by default, I went natural.
Initially I was a little repulsed, because the peanut oil settles on top of the mashed-up peanuts themselves and it requires stirring, but I soon got over this. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not (quite) that lazy. The good news is, if you are that lazy, you can buy pre-mixed natural peanut butter; I just prefer the Smuckers glass jars of it. Essentially, I go through about a jar of this stuff every ten days, and I think you get the idea of how much I love it. Before you judge me for eating it out of the far with a spoon, I am going to share with you the amazing and different ways to enjoy your PB au Natural:
1) As an accessory for fruit. Sliced apples or bananas are amazing with a little dab of PB.
2) In the classic sandwich. Only my favorite twist to the classic PB and J is to use spreadable fruit and toast the sandwich, almost like a grilled cheese. So, so yummy.
3) In your stir fry. Add a tablespoon to your sautéed vegetables with teriyaki sauce for a nutty flavor.
4) With your breakfast. Whole grain or whole wheat frozen waffles toasted and covered in peanut butter makes a ridiculously easy start to your day. If you’re feeling extra creative and making pancakes from mix, add a couple dollops of PB to your batter for some flavor. My trick with this is to also add marshmallows before the first flip of a pancake, and it’s like eating a Fluffernutter for breakfast.
5) With celery. You’re craving a snack, but you don’t want to just grab pretzels, right? (Peanut butter is also great with pretzels, as a PS.) Cut yourself a stalk of celery without making it into thin sticks and fill the hollow with peanut butter for a nice snack.
Got any other serving suggestions? Let us know!

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